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Hi I'm Alice Bertelson, the owner and Web Designer of Field Cottage Designs.  I have been a 'computer geek' for almost 30 yrs and have been designing Web Sites for over 15 years now. I started my own company at the beginning of 2005 after leaving a long successful 18 year career at Motorola to pursue what I love to do - create and design Web Sites, Logos and Custom Graphics.
View of Childhood house Field CottageSo why is a Web Site Design company called Field Cottage Designs you ask? One might think that would indicate that it was a company that designed Cottages not Web Sites.
Well I grew up my entire childhood in England in a house called "Field Cottage." I have included three images of Field Cottage taken July 2003 on a visit back
to England when my Mum and I went back to visit it for old times' sake. You can click each image for a FULL size photo.  Another View of Childhood house Field Cottage

We lived in Field Cottage from before my older sister (by 5 yrs) was born up until I was seventeen. It was an idyllic house and childhood. I never realized until I was an adult how lovely it was.Field Cottage Garden
At seventeen, having completed school early, I was too young to start University, so I left home to explore the world, starting with France for a year then America for a year. Since I have now been here for over 26 years, it's obvious that I LOVED Florida!

When I was thinking about what to call my company, I had some ideas and there were also many ideas and suggestions from the family, but I have to give credit to my husband on the idea of Field Cottage Designs. I kept saying I wanted the name to be personal and MEAN something, not something like "cheapwebdesign" or "greatwebdesign" - those were just too generic.

So he asked me, "Well, WHO are you catering to, WHO is your target audience?"  So I replied, "Well I want to target Artists, small business and ministries, you know basically the cottage industries, not BIG huge companies"  So the "Cottage Industries" answer triggered the light bulb and he said "Wasn't your childhood house called
Field Cottage?"

And so it was
Field Cottage Designs; it meant something to me; it showed I was catering to the Cottage Industries; it was a done deal.

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